About Us

  • Milk Tea

    Experience the pure delight of our milk tea, where rich, creamy goodness meets your favorite tea blends.

  • Main Course

    Our authentic Chinese cuisine is a symphony of flavors, capturing the essence of centuries-old traditions.

  • Dessert

    Dive into a world of sweetness at our dessert haven.

Our History

Yan Tea Restaurant is more than just a restaurant - it is a legend across the ocean, a delicious bridge connecting the traditional cuisine of Guangzhou with the multiculturalism of the United States. Our chef originally had rich experience in the Guangzhou cooking world. In order to bring his culinary art to the wider world, he embarked on a journey to New York, using every roast pork and every cup of milk tea as a medium to bring China to the world. The essence of the cuisine has been introduced to New York diners for two to three decades.

After the epidemic, the pace of life and work changed, and the chef decided to extend his culinary journey to a new place - the vibrant Houston. Yan Tea Restaurant was born and became a unique social center in the city, attracting a large number of students and business people. Our menu combines traditional and modern Chinese cooking techniques. Whether it is our signature roast pork, milk tea, or a variety of snacks and light meals, every dish embodies our passion for food and dedication to quality.

And most importantly, every customer here is part of our story. Our restaurant managers are warm and hospitable, making every guest feel the warmth of home and maintaining close contact with friends from all walks of life. At Yan Tea, you can not only enjoy delicious food, but also feel the unique connection between people. We have always been adhering to the concept of bringing Chinese food with warmth and feelings to everyone. I hope you can find it here Rare leisure and joy in the busy city.

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